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Is there a commission fee?
No, there is only a flat production fee of 0.0005 BTC. It covers operating expenses to produce the card, shipping and custodial security. You can load as much bitcoin as you want, the flat fee is the same.
Are there any additional fees?
The only additional fees are the required Bitcoin transaction fees, also known as miner fees.
We want to give cards to our employees and clients
We are working on features to make bulk purchases and bulk unlocks easier for corporate customers.
Can you ship my cards unlocked?
No, security always comes first. However, we are working to add an optional feature to unlock all the cards in your order with a single verification code.
Who has custody of the Bitcoin while is on the card?
We utilize multisig Bitcoin custodial services. As long as the card is locked the funds are safe. At checkout, the Bitcoin funds go directly to the cold vault. We don't keep any Bitcoin on our servers or hot wallets for security reasons.
How are they cards shipped? Do you ship international?
Cards are shipped USPS First Class Mail or USPS Priority Mail if you order more than 25 cards. We are working on enabling shipping to international destinations.
My card was lost or stolen. What can I do?
Contacts us at If it was unlocked and redeemed, there is nothing anyone can do. Bitcoin transactions are irreversible.

If it was not redeemed, we can cancel it and send you another one (extra fees apply). You will be required to provide positive identification such as a State Issued driver's license as well as access to the original phone number the card was locked with.
What’s the largest amount of BTC someone loaded on a card?
2 customers loaded 1 BTC. Bitcoin whales!