Bitcoin makes a great gift for so many occasions. From baby showers and birthdays, to holidays and corporate events. When you gift Bitcoin, you gift a digital asset that will continue to appreciate in value for years to come.

At BitNax, we build and manage innovative technology for Bitcoin. For years we looked for a good way to give Bitcoin as a gift to our friends and family. Asking them for their Bitcoin wallet address is very impersonal. It takes away the pleasant surprise of unwrapping a physical gift.

We soon realized that we have to build what we want. So we got to work and created a physical Bitcoin Gift Card which met all of our expectations. Elegantly designed, secured and easy to use. We did away with FIAT and exorbitant commissions. Our beta-test cards were sold out quickly, we received a lot of good feedback which helped us make every aspect of the card even better.

The 2021 holiday season is upon us and Bitcoin is often at all time high. This is the best time to give Bitcoin as a gift to your loved ones. Imagine the joy of your friends, family or colleagues when they unwrap a Bitcoin Gift Card instead of just another old retail store card. Gift the future.

BitNax Team